Dear Crow’s supporter group members.
Well 2020 will not go down as a normal footy year! We personally did not attend a game for the entire year and this is a first for us. At the start of the season Colleen Pearsons and I attended the Hindmarsh Valley CFS cadets meeting and presented them with a cheque for $1000, which was gratefully received. We also updated our Facebook page thanks to Teresa Ninnes.

Yvonne Webb spent some time updating our website and I would encourage everyone to have a look at it. I would also mention that our group has an official gmail account.

As you all would have noted we did not have any newsletters on our website last year as there was not too much to report. We will see how 2021 unfolds. At the beginning of the season we held a Covid friendly meeting at the Middleton Tavern and had a small attendance. This turned out to be our only Crows game meeting for the entire season. We also gathered to watch the Grand Final at the tavern to watch Dusty give a footy lesson.

As with most things for 2020 the end of year dinner was cancelled. Past player Ben Marsh was due to be guest speaker and he has assured us he would be happy to give us his time this year. Due to Covid we could not hold any raffles and auctions. This has resulted in many items held over to 2021, which can be auctioned or raffled this year. We are confident we should have an Indigenous jumper signed by all the indigenous players from 2020 to auction in 2021. I would like to thank Deb and Graham from TyrePower for their donation of the jumper.

The annual interstate trip was also cancelled and not likely to go ahead for 2021 either. Your committee is in the process of organising refunds where possible. We held an online footy tipping competition and around 13 members joined in. After an exciting few months of tipping Barrie Ninnes won. The footy tipping competition will go ahead in 2021 and this year there will be a small joining fee so the winner can get a nice financial re-ward at the end of the season. If you are unfamiliar with the website for footy tipping go to and look for Crow’s supporters Fleurieu group. It is a lot of fun and makes you to stay in tune with the week to week results.

In January I had contact with current board member Kym Ryder, who also kindly attended our AGM in 2020. Kym has been very supportive of our group and we wish him well for board elections to be held in late Febru-ary. Some of the committee also had a meeting with Board applicant Shanti Berggren and she is keen to be on the Adelaide Crows board. We await the results of the election.

Our membership numbers are down from previous years and I would encourage everyone who knows a dedi-cated Crow’s supporter who is not a part of our group to consider joining. Throughout 2020 we held monthly committee meetings and I thank the committee members for their enthusiasm and commitment in what was a stressful year.

Obviously, the team’s results on game day were what not we had hoped for but there were promising signs at the end of the season with some wins under our belt. We eagerly wait to see how the boys go in 2021.
2021 will prove to be a challenging year but hopefully not as much as last year.

Go Crows –We Fly as one.
President Andrew